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ID Type Pet Breed Weight Age
(View) 8490 CAT DSH 7 lbs 1 yrs
(View) 8491 CAT DSH 7 lbs 1 yrs
(View) 8463 DOG LAB MIX 55 lbs 1 yrs
(View) 8497 DOG MIX 25 lbs 1 yrs
(View) 8499 DOG MASTIFF MIX 75 lbs 1 yrs
(View) 8482 DOG SAINT MIX 70 lbs 2 yrs
(View) 8486 DOG WALKER MIX 42 lbs 2 yrs
(View) 8460 DOG PIT 63 lbs 3 yrs
(View) 8488 DOG PIT MIX 62 lbs 3 yrs
(View) 8477 DOG RED NOSE PIT 56 lbs 4 yrs
(View) 8495 KITTEN DSH TABBY 5 lbs 5 mo
(View) 8498 DOG POODLE 14 lbs 6 yrs
(View) 8481 DOG BOXER 54 lbs 10 yrs

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